Discover our comprehensive range of packaging products, designed to safeguard your items during storage and shipping – providing reliable protection against any shifting and mishandling in transit. Trust our protective packaging products to enhance the safety and security of your items.

Our bubble wrap, void fill materials, and cornerboards work together to create a comprehensive protective system. Choose our products to ensure your items reach their destination safely, delivering peace of mind and customer satisfaction.





Our bubble wrap is an adaptable, trusty safeguard for your packaging needs. Constructed with high-grade materials, it features air-filled bubbles for outstanding cushioning and shock absorption during storage, transportation, or shipping. The wrap guards against impacts and external factors, ensuring the integrity of your items. Available in diverse widths and lengths for customizability, our bubble wrap guarantees reliable protection and peace of mind throughout the packaging and shipping process.





Our air pillows offer a versatile and reliable void fill solution. Crafted from durable, puncture-resistant materials, they cushion and fill voids within packages, ensuring the safe transit of your items. Lightweight and adaptable, they prevent shifting and collision, reducing damage risks. Available in various sizes and easy to use, our air pillows are ideal for safeguarding a diverse array of items.





Our Kraft paper, made from high-quality natural fibers, boasts strength, durability, and an eco-friendly profile. Perfect for wrapping, padding, or layering, it offers tear resistance and versatility. Being recyclable and biodegradable, it’s an environmentally responsible choice.




Our newsprint sheets offer efficient and versatile packaging void fill. Crafted from lightweight, recycled paper, they are eco-friendly and economical. Ideal for cushioning and filling empty spaces, these sheets protect items from shifting and impact during transit. Easy to use, they adapt to different package sizes and shapes. Opt for our newsprint to combine practicality, affordability, and environmental sustainability in ensuring your items’ safety during transportation.





Our solid fiber cornerboards fortify and safeguard palletized loads’ corners. Constructed from durable materials, they resist bending, crushing, and moisture, and prevent damage from strapping, shifting, and impacts. With precision-cut edges and customizable sizes, they accommodate various load configurations. Trust these cornerboards for their strength, reliability, and efficiency in optimizing shipping operations, and reducing the risk of damage. Enhance the safety of your valuable products with our robust cornerboards.




Our corrugated cornerboards reinforce and safeguard palletized loads’ corners with exceptional protection and stability. Crafted from high-quality corrugated cardboard, they resist impacts, compression, and shifting. Precision-cut for a perfect fit, they prevent strapping damage and product displacement. Suitable for logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution, our versatile cornerboards reduce the likelihood of damage, ensuring the safe transit of your goods. Choose our reliable and durable cornerboards for optimal protection.




Gadge’s custom-printed cornerboards combine reinforcement and branding by featuring your logo or message while protecting palletized loads. Made from high-quality materials, these cornerboards maintain strength and durability. Customizable sizes ensure a perfect fit for various load configurations. By integrating branding on cornerboards, you not only safeguard your shipments but also create a unique visual display, boosting visibility and brand recognition. Opt for Gadge’s custom-printed cornerboards for a functional, professional, and personalized packaging solution that reinforces brand identity.